What is SnapTradar

SnapTradar is an easy-to-use stock screener radar that will help you find trading opportunities within minutes. Find Daily Trade Opportunities the smart way with our pre-programmed screening systems.

We will look for good value stocks with the right momentum to kick-start your search. All it takes is minutes for you to filter through the selected signals. We have created the stock screener for many investment experts in order to save time and hassle in the hunt for winning investments.

Choose uptrend or downtrend and analyze performance histories for that counter. Adjust parameters to make your screening more precise! See what styles work the best under the different market conditions.

Find the best trading opportunities across different financial markets.

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Features of SnapTradar

Quickly discover hidden opportunities with comprehensive data and analytics with our trading radar.

Proprietary stock screener

Quickly discover hidden opportunities with comprehensive stock data, movements and predict the price movement.

Comprehensive market data

We have access to the end-of-day data for major exchanges in the market. With our Stock Screener Radar, you are able to filter the great value stocks to trade.

Clean indicative charts

Powerful charting tools seamlessly integrated with search and other core capabilities to help you quickly grasp and act on large amounts of information.

Community of traders

Our mentors will share daily watchlist and daily screen results with our subscribers. Copy their watchlist ideas for more concise results.

Mentorship session

SnapTradar is part of Snap Academy, which has an active group of traders internationally. Learn as you trade with an exclusive investing community.

Master watchlist

We have a monthly mentorship session to help all our subscribers and discuss good stocks and opportunities.


Award-winning stock screening radar for retail investors to find opportunities the
in just smart way.


Professional-grade data

We go to great lengths to ensure our financial and technical data is the most current and accurate information possible.


Clearly presented

Get complete clarity with customized charts that let you see the information that is important to you.


Save your time

Stock screeners save your time that can be better spent at researching fewer stocks that meet your criteria.


Powered by community of traders from Snap Academy