SnapTradar is an easy-to-use proprietary stock screening radar that enables its users to monitor stocks, create watchlists, analyse charts, review market data, gain insight from investment mentors, and converse with an entire community of traders alike. Users can use the platform to find Daily Trade Opportunities in as little as ten minutes a day, as well as viewing and analysing performance histories for specific counters, adjusting parameters to make screenings more precise, and experimenting with possibilities under different market conditions. A key aspect of SnapTradar that sets it apart from other stock screeners is the ability to follow the actions, recommendations, and analyses of expert investors with years of experience. Through this, users are able to get a head start in their stock analyses and easily see which stocks are likely to become bearish or bullish, saving users the time and hassle of performing extensive research in the hunt for their next investment.

Click on the “Register” or “Login” button that will lead you to the Register/Login page. Here, you can create a new account by filling in the necessary details (ie. Name, email, phone number, password). After verifying your account via the link that will be emailed to you upon registration, you can log in using the same details and begin using SnapTradar.

Go to the Home screen for a general overview of key changes in stocks and also to view and follow the Master Watchlist, which is a watchlist created by some of the Master Investors working with SnapTradar. On this page, you can select specific stocks to view in more detail and analyse the stock’s performance through an adjustable chart.

You can go to the Screener tab to find a more comprehensive view of up-trending and down-trending stocks, stocks with different price ranges or volumes, and other details that allow you to customize your search.

Under the Watchlist tab, you can select stocks from your preferred exchanges and begin building your own watchlist.

At the moment, SnapTradar is purely a stock screening radar with no features that allow you to make any actual purchases.

SnapTradar does have plans to make this an available option in the near future.

Yes, SnapTradar’s charts are interactive. You can define the window of time for which you would like to view the stock’s performance. You can also zoom in to the past 10 days, month, year, or other time options.
Yes, this can be done through the watchlist feature that allows you to select certain stocks and add them to specific watchlists that you have created.
SnapTradar has developed their own set of indicators, which are explained and taught in more thorough detail in the Snap Academy course. Contact us to find out more about the course.
This is entirely up to you, although keep in mind that SnapTradar’s data updates on a daily basis. SnapTradar will provide you with the details of good trading opportunities and stocks that are forecasted to soon experience an uptrend or downtrend, along with the optimal buying/selling time that we believe will make your trade most profitable. We will leave you to decide which stocks you would like to actually invest in through your broker and how often you would like to place these trades.
SnapTradar will include and list details such as trade entry price, take profit price, and cut loss price with each opportunity. If you agree with and choose to follow SnapTradar’s advice and predictions, you can simply place the trade accordingly with your broker in the next morning.

Have little to no experience with trading or investing in securities? Not to worry! Our screener is easy to use and easy to navigate. As actual purchase of securities is not an available feature of SnapTradar at the moment, you don’t have to worry about accidentally buying anything or losing your money. You can also follow and learn the trading patterns of the Master Investors that are working with SnapTradar through your Home page. In doing so, you will be able to see which stocks these experienced investors have decided to place on their watchlist and which stocks they believe will increase or decrease in value. By joining SnapTradar, you will also be joining a wide community of traders alike who you will be able to learn from and converse with. With SnapTradar, you only need as little as 10 minutes a day to be able to find a range of trade opportunities that you could consider.

Alternatively, have you dabbled with trading in the past or are you a seasoned investor? You can still use SnapTradar as a reliable stock screener that could also potentially save you loads of time in research and searching for investment opportunities.

Stock quotes on SnapTradar are presented as end of day data and, hence, are updated on a daily basis.